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Energy Clearing

November 3, 2019

Why Clear Energy?


Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and bogged down by life. When we feel this way, one thing we can do to shift into a more positive mind frame, is clean our space. Cleaning naturally moves and energizes the stagnant and stale vibes. As a result of cleaning, we may experience an increase in productivity, a decrease in allergens and lower stress. But, sometimes simple cleaning may not be enough to get us out of our funk…


Just as we want to make sure we clean under our furniture once in a while, we also want to make sure that the energy of our space and our personal energy are refreshed and renewed. It’s easy to understand that when we see physical dirt and grime, we clean it up. Sometimes, however, we don’t physically see the dirt and grime but can FEEL it hovering around us. For example, think of the last time you had an argument with someone close to you. Remember how you felt. You may have felt heavy or down. And, the energy in the space where you argued also contained that energy. Well, that is the perfect time to cleanse your space energetically.


WHEN TO Clear Energy


  • Before beginning a new project
  • After decluttering
  • After a relationship loss or change in a relationship
  • At the change of seasons
  • After hosting a big party
  • After an argument
  • When feeling depressed or anxious
  • When feeling tired, fatigued or heavy


At Expanding Spirits, we are all about energetic clearing. Whenever we have an event or see a client in our space, we clear out any unwanted or low vibrational energy with Palo Santo or white sage. Consequently, it sets the scene for something new and opens us up to experience the magic that the Universe has to offer. It also makes our space smell amazing!



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HOW TO clear energy


We use the smoke of Palo Santo or white sage to cleanse and purify our space, the crystals and release any unwanted energy. The smoke from these plants is said to be cleansing, therapeutic, medicinal and may even keep insects away! Once we energetically cleanse the space, we can feel the shift in energy.


Before you do any energetic clearing, it’s  helpful to begin by setting the intention of what you want by doing something like this: First, close your eyes. Then, take a deep breath and state, “all that is no longer needed is being released from my being (home, office, space) now. And so it is.”


Proceed to light the sage or Palo Santo and allow the smoke to fill your space. You can move around the room, holding your intention and allowing the smoke to fill all the nooks and crannies. After that, you can trust that you and your space are available for whatever is in your highest good to occur.


You can find our Energetic Clearing Bundles like the ones pictured above at the Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley. For a smoke free energy clearing, try one of our Sage or Palo Santo Sprays! Stop in and discover simple ways to cleanse your personal energy, the energy of your home and workplace.


Here’s to your effervescent, sparkly energy!

Energy Clearing