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Fools Gold??? Maybe not!

October 3, 2019



One of our favorite stones here at Expanding Spirits is Pyrite. While it’s known widely as “fool’s gold”, however, it has some intriguing and beneficial properties of its own.


Pyrite embodies the sun’s energy here on earth. It encourages the earth’s energy to flow into us, which moves us into action and gives us strength. Subsequently, it is a stone of determination and has a positive influence on business decisions. This is an excellent stone to have in the workplace because it helps us put our inspired ideas into action. Keep it next to your computer and discover how it helps you focus on the work at hand and get it done!


Pyrite symbolizes wealth and good fortune as well as dispels laziness, procrastination and lack of discipline. As a result, when we connect with Pyrite (or even have it in our environment), we get things done! It helps us to draw in prosperity and abundance.


Pyrite helps us to let go of what we no longer need as well as protect us from negativity of all kinds. That is another reason why it’s so good for us in our business pursuits. In addition, it is a great stone to use for protection for those who do dangerous work. It encourages perfect physical health, as well as a healthy intellect and overall well-being. Above all, this powerful stone helps us to see the truth behind the facade.


You can find a special piece of pyrite at the Expanding Spirits section of the Yellow Door Art Market in Berkley!