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Stepping Into The Past

December 3, 2019


In October, my husband and I travelled to the Philadelphia area to experience past life regressions. We worked with my teacher Carol Bowman, author of the book, Children’s Past Lives. We stayed in the farmhouse pictured below and explored this beautiful part of the country. It was a walk through history in more than one way!

A Past Life Experience

What I experienced during that past life regression directly correlates to what I am working on in this life. The synchronicities are uncanny. Even though the circumstances of each life are radically different, there is a thread that unites the two.

In that life, I didn’t know anything except how to be true to myself and the laws of the Universe. I knew it in my bones and at the core of m y being. I lived in harmony with all that is. Sadly, my way of life was taken from me in a violent way. Even though it was tragic and devastating, the truth of Universal Law could not be taken from me or destroyed. It was in me and I knew it without a doubt. In this life, I’m learning

The Inn at Grace Winery, Glen Mills, PA. My husband and I stayed in this Quaker Farm House built in the 1730’s.

to trust the part of me that “knows”, more and more. This regression opened me up to that knowing on even a greater level. And, for that, I am grateful.

An interest in Reincarnation

Ever since reading about the work of Edgar Cayce in my early 20’s, I have been intrigued with the idea of reincarnation and how our past lives are intertwined with our current one. Inge, having her own first hand experiences with reincarnation has been equally intrigued. Together, we travelled to Pennsylvania last May to learn more about our past lives and facilitate others to access their past lives. We studied with Carol Bowman to learn a simple technique to help others explore their past.

Healing Experience

Since then, I have been on a journey of healing and transformation. I’ve been integrating new levels of understanding and insights into my daily life, my healing practice and my work with others. This last trip to Pennsylvania was a continuation of that journey. It has helped me deepen my work in guiding others through their past lives.

Every time I do a regression with a client, I am in awe at how the past life they go to correlates with what they are working on in this life. It brings such healing and understanding for the person experiencing it. The process opens us up to who we are on a soul level and helps us to understand parts of ourselves that may otherwise be unconscious or in the shadows.

Do YOu Want to explore a past life?

If experiencing a past life regression is something that is calling to you or you want to learn more about, I invite you to reach out to me and we can set up a time to talk. You can reach  me at [email protected] or call/text me 248-214-5713. Learn more here.

Inge and I are both offering these deeply therapeutic and healing sessions and would love to share more with you about how you can benefit from this work.


Much love,


Past Life Regression