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Let the Light Shine!

January 27, 2020

With a… SELENITE TOWER LAMP Fill your space with clear, balanced, glowing energy. CLEAR – PROTECT – ENERGIZE Selenite is one of the most versatile and powerful cleansing crystals, making it perfect for creating a nourishing space in your home office. It quickly removes stagnant or funky energy that can collect in a space, replacing …more

Give the Gift of Protection

December 20, 2019

Introducing… Shungite! This rare and incredible stone contains a unique type of carbon molecule. It acts like a natural filter, which clears the body and environment of toxic energy. As a result, increasing numbers of scientists all around the world are studying Shungite and are in awe of it’s powerful benefits… GET YOURS TODAY Give …more

Energy Clearing

November 3, 2019

Why Clear Energy?   Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and bogged down by life. When we feel this way, one thing we can do to shift into a more positive mind frame, is clean our space. Cleaning naturally moves and energizes the stagnant and stale vibes. As a result of cleaning, we may experience an increase …more