Our mental, physical and spiritual health is directly linked to how we perceive and experience the world around us. These energetic messages are processed through our chakras.

Blocked energy in any of these receptors can cause emotional and/or physical illness in the area of the body linked to that particular chakra.

Keeping our energy open and flowing, particularly in our chakras, supports our whole being and allows our consciousness to expand and connect to our highest creative potential.




This multi-sensory experience will engage and nourish each of your chakras, open pathways to deeper connection to your true self, and hold a space for your own inner wisdom to step forward.

The overall tone of this event is quiet and focused, holding a deep reverence for the magical beings that we are.



Crystals, minerals & gemstones hold unique vibrations that can be used to activate, open and balance specific chakra centers.

You will have the opportunity to experience this energy and select the crystals you personally resonate with. Your crystals will be used in a special mediation to support you in clearing and nourishing the energy of your chakras.



  • Learn how the seven major chakras are linked to various aspects of your physical being
  • Explore symptoms of overactive and/or under active chakra centers
  • Sense your own flow of energy in each of your chakra centers
  • Hands-on experience with the energies of different crystals and stones
  • Learn how to choose the right crystals for your specific intention
  • Work with crystals to support each of your chakras
  • Clear & release energy that is muddying the waters of your spirit
  • Drink water charged with crystals that specifically support your chakras
  • Expand your conscious perception
  • Enjoy deep relaxation and personal connection




To keep our energy connected and grounded to the earth, we sit and lay on the floor during this event. Physical comfort items are supplied, so you don’t need to be loaded down with any extra gear.

Come and allow yourself to be taken care of!


The Chakra Nourishing Event will have the following items prepared for each person to use:

  • Cushioned back-jack to use when seated on the floor
  • Full length sheepskin to support your body while lying down
  • Pillow for head support
  • Knee bolster
  • Lightweight organic body blanket
  • Weighted eye-pillow to deepen relaxation

If you may need any additional physical support, please let us know prior to the event.




At the end of the energy session, you will receive a special chakra crystal to take home with you. You will also receive a card with more details about the energetic properties of that particular crystal to help deepen your personal exploration.

If you would like to continue working with your complete set of chakra crystals at home, you may purchase them at the end of the class.

They will be lovingly packaged in a special chakra box with all of their corresponding crystal information cards.