Email readings, simply put, are amazing – even better than an in person reading! I can do your reading when I’m in my prime energetically – and you don’t need to go anywhere. Win-win!

Another amazing bonus to email readings is the gorgeous 8-10 page PDF document you’ll receive analyzing your whole reading. It’s full of images and descriptions about the different cards that you can refer back to at any time. No pressure to remember all the juicy details!

I am Certified as a Tarot Reader, Intuitive Practitioner & Crystal Healer, specializing in awakening and empowering people to connect to the wisdom in their heart, listen to that inner knowing, and take the steps to create the life they want.


I DO NOT tell you your future. I believe in freewill, and your ability to shape your own destiny. The Tarot cards offer guidance, but nothing is ever set in stone. You are the creator in your life.


Here is a link to an example reading, similar to one that you’ll receive:
Email Reading Example.pdf


Here are a couple more links to documents you’ll need as part of the preparation process:

Client Agreement.pdf

Code of Ethics.pdf

Client Intake Form.pdf


Email Tarot Consultations are $150.
I am not currently doing in person readings.

Please contact me if you are interested in booking a reading:
Inge Gray: 248-535-1148
[email protected]