• Prepare to be present

your Inner Wisdom

We are on a path to expand our consciousness and connect to the pure light that we are. Allow yourself to be fully alive in the present moment and receive all that is there for you.

The following are important points to consider as your prepare for an experience.


Arrive Early

Plan to arrive a couple minutes early to gently transition yourself here and take care of anything that may distract you from being fully present.

No Late Admission

Late arrivals can not be admitted to group events. Disruptions are not supportive to anyone. Our studio door will be closed when the class beings, and we strongly request it not be opened unless prior arrangements have been made. Please reach out if you are running late for an unforeseen reason.

Cell phones & Conversation

Clearly, we’re all about connection… but in our energy studio, we are connecting within. Please turn off your cell phone and leave it in the storage area of our space. Give yourself the gift of your full attention.

Don’t forget…

Bring a journal to write personal insights and/or nuggets of wisdom that are discovered during your experience. You don’t want to forget any of those magical discoveries!

Thirsty Work

We provide access to energetically charged water. Please, drink up!

Receive, receive, receive

You have brought yourself into a sacred space to explore and connect. Open your heart to receive all that is there for you.

Hold space

As we move through an experience, be mindful and keep side conversations to a minimum. Maintaining full attention on the present moment will help you connect to all the gifts that are coming forward.